Construction Company Public Relations for Electricians

Here at Construction PR, we know how construction company public relations can help electricians take their marketing to the next level. Some people may not understand how PR works, or even how this can benefit them and their business. That’s why we are here! The Construction PR team are passionate about putting you and your company in front of the right people. We want to help secure the wider visibility of your brand. Today, we are going to take you through the ins and outs of PR and how it can work in your favour. 

What is public relations?

Not many people understand what PR truly means. PR is how your brand connects with your target audience. It is about building brand awareness, putting your company out there to be seen, and managing your reputation. Essentially, it is an exercise in building trust within a community in order to encourage sales and customer confidence. People like to feel as if they know brands they work with or buy from on a personal level. PR allows you to do this in a way that is natural whilst attracting sales. 

Over the years, PR has developed from traditional forms of media into digital. Whilst traditional PR is still widely used today, many PR companies focus on digital. Digital PR can include online media outlets, podcast, radio, TV, and even using influencers to promote products. It is important to remember that not every area of PR works the same for every brand; what is successful for one company may not benefit another. Furthermore, when you digitalise your PR, you benefit from an increased SEO value, which will help your website attract visitors. 

Gaining audience trust 

It is so important, in any industry, to gain the trust of your potential customers. It is even more important when it comes to electricians. The electrics within someone’s house or business are vital and people need to know the services you offer are safe before they hire you to fit or fix anything electrical. You can say your services are the best, but they are your services – of course you would say that. People are likely to trust the testimony of others rather than the person supplying the service. Construction company public relations can help you to feature in industry leading publications, and national or local media, to support your brand.  It can also help you highlight your positive reviews. 

Managing your reputation and responding to a crisis 

In this industry, specifically when dealing with electrics and safety, there can be many things that can go wrong. Companies may like to think they are untouchable but, unfortunately, that’s not true. Something could happen at any time. With an effective PR strategy, you can be ready to take the appropriate action if it does. 

Thanks to the internet, anyone can leave your company a review, and anyone can access it. Negative reviews can be scathing if not dealt with properly. In the PR world, we would count a bad, undealt with review as a minor crisis. Anything of this nature should be dealt with appropriately in order to reduce the damage it can cause to your brands reputation. Construction company public relations can help you formulate a response to ensure you do not cause any further harm to your image.

If the crisis is more serious than a review, such as a faulty product or an electrical problem that presents itself, then it will require a more serious action and response. You should of course ensure that measures are in place to stop this type of incident happening in the first place.

Incorporating SEO 

As briefly mentioned above, construction company public relations and SEO (search engine optimisation) are both strongly linked with one another. SEO is the process that is undertaken when making your website favourable to Google’s algorithm. This can be done by making changes both on and off your website. The better your SEO value, the higher Google will place you on the SERP (search engine results page). The construction industry in particular has previously relied on word of mouth. Whilst this still works to some extent, businesses within the industry have seen the majority of their enquiries come from the Internet. Google is the first place people go to when they want to find an service. If you are not high up on the SERP, you will quickly be overtaken by your competitors and will lose out on customers.

Using construction company public relations techniques will enable you to gain backlinks to improve your SEO value. Backlinks are a vital part of the link building process, and they will help to strengthen your your website and ultimately raise you in the rankings. Link building can be achieved by gaining these backlinks in online publications and blogs. Having trustworthy publications link back to your content strengthens Google’s trust in you. The algorithm will see that people trust and value your content. This means it should be recommended to others. 

Using professional construction company public relations 

We know that as an electrician, you are out and about a lot of the time. You may not have the dedicated time to focus on improving your PR. That’s where agencies like Construction PR come in. Having worked with electricians and other businesses within the construction industry for over 13 years, we have a great deal of experience. We understand that PR is an essential part of the development of your brand and without it, you may struggle to generate business effectively. 

Our team have the expertise to put your business on the right path. We can take care of your crisis management, your press exposure, and any other areas of PR you choose to undertake with us. The team have a multitude of established journalist contacts, and on top of this, we offer a PR guarantee – if a lead is lost, for whatever reason, we will replace it for you!

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