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Construction Graphic Design Tips

At Construction PR, we know how important construction graphic design is to the industry. Graphic design is all about how businesses present and visually brand themselves. Without a strong company image, construction companies may struggle to build a solid reputation.

Construction PR are an award wining construction graphic design company who have been working with clients across the industry for over 12 years. Our team have seen businesses flourish with the proper graphic support and can assist you in the same way. Today, we are going to take you through some of the graphic design top tips when it comes to construction. 

Ensure your website looks professional 

When attempting to find products and services, most consumers will turn to Google. This means the first impression they receive of a business may be its website. A streamlined and professional website can ensure the customer stays and doesn’t leave to visit a competitor’s site. The ever-growing, online, digital age means there is no excuse for not having a professional website. This type of professionalism instils a trust within your company and will help encourage a sale. Your website should also be easy to navigate; a user should be able to find what they are looking for with ease. To ensure this, your website should include a menu, a contact page, and a picture gallery. Graphic design plays a large part in website design. When constructing a website, companies must ensure they are placing their logo in clear view and that there is a consistent theme throughout the site. 

Showcase who you are 

It is vital construction companies keep their brand identity in mind when designing any graphics. A logo should reflect a brand. It is the core of a company’s brand identity and should be able to tell a story without words. When you are starting your graphic design journey, the logo should always come first. This is what will grab your intended audience’s attention. Studies show that people form an impression within 2 seconds of seeing something, meaning you have 2 seconds to make an impact and ensure they choose your business to carry out the services they require. A well-designed logo will allow customers to separate your business from your competitors online, on social media and in the press.

Effective construction graphic design will help your business to build a corporate imagine that is instantly identifiable. Brand cohesiveness across your brand will ensure customers continue to associate positive feelings and a positive image. 

Don’t make the generic mistakes!

The construction industry can often fall into the same construction graphic design traps and stereotypes. Businesses can overcomplicate their designs with bright colours and messy visuals. This can hinder the user experience and lead to the dismissal of a company as ‘not professional’. Creating a more streamlined appearance to your brand is the way forward. Ensure your graphic design is simple, particularly your logo. 

In the past, construction businesses have made the mistake of covering every inch of blank space. You shouldn’t be afraid to have a little bit of blank space within your marketing materials and graphic design. The ‘less is more’ approach can be just as effective if used correctly. The blank space you leave will help to draw attention to the key parts of your graphics, ensuring a customer knows where to look.

Physical as well as digital 

Despite digital being the most popular form of construction graphic design, the construction industry still utilises physical marketing, such as leaflets and posters. These can be used at trade shows, exhibitions, and other such events. Throughout the next year, many companies are returning to the events scene for the first time after COVID. Whether it is a B2B show or a B2C show, businesses should be prepared with marketing materials. Physical marketing allows a potential customer to take something away with them after visiting you at an event. This could be in the form of a leaflet or a business card. When these are being designed, businesses should include the least amount of text possible. People do not want to read a large piece of writing when it comes to physical marketing. They just need concise information. You should also include your website and your social media handles so that people can follow up when they need your services.

Social media 

Construction graphic design is not just about logos, leaflets, and posters, it is also about social media. Social media is used by a large majority of people all across the world and is a vital tool to businesses wanting to expand and grow. Even the construction industry can benefit from it. Social media graphics make your social platforms look sleek, professional, and organised. They are also more likely to grab the user’s attention. Social media moves quickly and if you don’t stand out on a feed, it’s likely a user will scroll past. A successful social graphic will have people clicking, sharing, and following, which will increase your engagement and in turn, your visibility on social media.

Professional construction graphic design 

Here at construction PR, our graphic design team are experts. The team can focus on the design of your overall marketing or just a specific area of your graphics. We can even assist with a total rebrand. The graphic design department use a range of specialist software such as InDesign and Photoshop to enhance your graphic design and produce designs with your business in mind.

One of our agencies greatest strengths is our ability to collaborate within our teams. All our employees are hired by us and are not freelance workers. This allows for a cohesive work environment and a smooth process when it comes to digital marketing. Beacsue of this, on top of a graphic design service, we can also offer your business social media management, PR, business development, SEO, and more. 

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