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When it comes to the construction industry, it’s safe to say that the competition is rife. With so many people needing construction for an array of different jobs, from household to commercial; you need to make sure you are standing out in the already crowded landscape. Making use of a knowledgeable construction PR agency could give you the edge amongst your competitors. 

Whether your target audience are other businesses or households, we can help you to create a PR strategy and implement this to target your audience. We have worked with many construction companies for a number of years, meaning we have a vast knowledge base in this industry and how it works. Don’t just take our word for it, we have won numerous awards including ‘best marketing agency’, which we believe speaks for itself. 

Specialist Knowledge

It is vital to show that you are specialists in your field. Our in-house team of writers have extensive knowledge in the construction world. Whether you are an architect, plumber, builder, electrician, landscapers, surveyors, or anything else; we have you covered. We can accommodate all areas of the construction market. 

Construction PR are committed to securing the best ROI for our clients, ensuring our high-quality content is placed in front of the people that matter most. Your customers. Our bespoke construction PR solutions are specially created for each customer, as every single one is unique and has their own requirements. 

What is Construction PR?

Great question! PR is also known as public relations and is one of the main sources of brand exposure. Public relations is a fantastic way of bringing exposure to your business or brand. At our construction PR agency, our team has over 12 years’ experience in this industry. Like anything, with years of experience comes years of solid contacts. We are proud to have trusted and established connections with a huge list of journalists who are keen to snap up articles and press releases from us. We have a fantastic team who dedicate many hours to your business, creating professional content that we know will work.  

Types of PR

There are many different types of PR, all of which will benefit companies in different ways. After all, what works for one company may not work as well for another. There are numerous different tactics we can implement. Let’s take a look at these options closer… 

Press – 

Of course, press being the main source of PR, we can feature your business in mainstream newspaper articles or magazines. We know the right publications for your business sector and the ones who will reach your targeted audience. We create a higher potential for sales and new customers. 


This is a newer form of PR and one that is becoming more and more popular. Influencers are used to advertise your business or brand on social media. This is a good avenue to go down as influencers are known for having large followings, resulting in your brand getting more exposure. Of course, this tactic does not work for everyone, and it is our job as the professionals to research the best method for you. 

SEO specialists

SEO, also known as search engine optimisation, is the art of boosting your rankings higher on search engines. We have specialists who dedicate their time to researching the keywords linked to your income and they will then strategically use them to boost your rankings on search engines.  

Crisis Management- 

Many businesses don’t like to hear about what could go wrong. Unfortunately, it is something we do need to talk about. In the event of a crisis happening, our construction PR agency are well equipped to deal with the backlash from bad press or negative reviews. 

Why should I use PR and not paid ads? 

People are growing tired of seeing adverts splashed all over the Internet when trying to search for something. Most people will just skim over this and look for the exit button immediately. Not only are paid adverts costly but they are also very easily overlooked. We are not saying this approach doesn’t work; it does, although, it may not be the most effective for you.

When someone reads about you in a magazine or newspaper, firstly they gain an element of trust as they know publications wont just publish any old article. Your audience builds a connection to you when reading about your experience or some top tips from your expert. This creates a more personal approach, which boosts your following and audience organically.

Why Choose us? 

Choosing the right construction PR agency can be rather daunting. With so many agencies offering you the world, it can be a difficult decision to choose the right one for you. At our agency we will dedicate an account manager to your account. This will be someone inhouse who suits your business needs. Using this approach means you have a consistent experience and means the team members will gain an in-depth knowledge of your company to make sure your content is consistently personal and professional.

Not only this, but to our knowledge we are the only construction PR agency who guarantees our results. Of course, we cannot anticipate how many sales or new clients you will receive through using our services; as this is completely dependent on many factors that are out of our control. What we can guarantee though, is that you will receive a certain number of articles per month. This in itself, creates a huge amount of exposure and if your article is featured in the correct publication then it will organically create more leads for you. 

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