Choosing a construction pr agency in essex for your business

When considering a PR agency for your construction company, you may start to wonder what the benefit of choosing a construction PR agency in Essex is. Construction PR are an award winning PR agency. We have worked with clients for over 13 years to ensure they receive the highest ROI from their PR strategies, and we can assist you with making that all important choice – do you go with a local, Essex agency, or a larger agency elsewhere?

If you are a company that is based within or around Essex and you are considering PR, then a construction PR agency in Essex is most likely the best choice for you. In this blog, we are going to talk you through why choosing an agency that is local to you can make all the difference to your overall marketing and PR, and how we at Construction PR, can help your business.

PR is advertising without the hard-sell!

Firstly, let’s start with what PR actually is. Many people see PR as a form of advertising, and it some ways, it is, but it’s a softer sell. This means you can still get people to buy your products or use your services, without them feeling like they are being sold to. It’s a way of bridging the gap between you and your target audience in a less corporate way. This way, your customers get to see a more human side to your company.

Seizing local press opportunities 

With PR, it is all about getting your name out there. It is also about increasing your brand awareness. One of the ways this is done, is by getting your business featured within publications and the media. This can be online, in print, or even on radio, tv and podcasts. If you are based in Essex, a construction PR agency in Essex can be beneficial to help you fine tune your PR features to only local areas.

Utilising local contacts

In order to be successful with doing the above, you will need to be in contact with journalists and other important people within your industry. Whilst you may know many people, you might not know the right people. Here at Construction PR, we do! Our PR team have an established list of contacts from multiple publications that they can get in touch with when they are pitching articles. This will help you to get into the right publications for your target audience. Our contacts range from local, national, and international, so even if you want to start local to begin with and branch out later on, we can help you.

Understand the local target audience 

No one knows the local area like local people. You may already have a name for yourself within your area or at least have a rough idea of who your target audience are. A construction PR agency in Essex will be able to take you to the next level and propel you forward in Essex and your localised area within the county. Agencies like Construction PR can help to pin point that target audience and put you on platforms in front of them. We also know Essex like the back of our hands; we know the publications, the people, the events and more. With our knowledge on PR and your knowledge of the construction industry, we will be able to generate leads and opportunities.

Do you have a niche? 

A lot of construction companies can forget about their niches. There are many different areas of construction, and those areas have smaller ones within. If your business has a niche, it is worthwhile to shout about it. Many people within Essex may be searching for your niche and not finding you because you’re not promoting it correctly. Make sure that when it comes to PR, you have at least some of your strategy focused on whatever niche you specialise in. For example, you may be an architectural company that specialises in schools and hospitals. In this case, our PR team at Construction PR can help you to get this angle across in any press opportunities.

Why do you need a professional construction PR agency in Essex? 

We’ve been through the majority of benefits that working with a localised PR agency can have on your business development, now let’s look at general benefits.  

In order to fully grow as a company, you will need to implement PR into your marketing strategy in some form. With such a highly competitive industry, you need to be ensuring you grab every opportunity to make your business stand out above the rest. PR can take time, however the ROI is high, and companies like Construction PR can handle it all for you! 

You may not have time to dedicate to your PR, but we do! Our incredibly knowledgeable team have been working with companies in the construction industry for years and have gotten to know the industry in great depth. The PR team have excellent connections with journalists and publications, not just in Essex, but worldwide too. On top of all this, we have a policy that we believe sets us aside from any other Essex based agency. If a lead is lost for any reason, we will replace it for you to ensure you don’t miss out! 

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You know your industry inside and out, Construction PR know marketing inside and out – let us take it off your plate. As well as offering our PR services, we also offer a range of digital marketing services that may be of benefit to your business. These include:

If you think you construction company would benefit from working with a construction PR agency in Essex, then do not hesitate to get in touch with our team today or call us on 01376 386 850 to start discussing your strategy! We would love to hear from you!