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Construction PR is a vital service. In 2018, there were approximately 2.7 million people employed in the construction industry. This can only mean one thing, competition.

With Covid-19’s impact having a detrimental effect on the industry; it would now be a great time to think about ways of making sure your business is available for bookings. But let’s not forget about digital marketing. Trust us, you’re not going to make many appointments without some key marketing strategies.

We are a construction PR agency, who are part of the VerriBerri group. Below we have compiled a list of things you can start to do in order to see a growth in sales and popularity (hooray!).




Search Engine Optimisation. Chances are, you don’t know what this actually means. In simple terms, it’s what makes your website rank, most typically on Google, Bing or Yahoo. Having a strong sense of SEO means that you’re more likely to be seen online and it’s far easier for people or businesses to track you down. For example, for us, in an ideal world, you’d want a customer to search ‘construction PR agencies in Essex’ and you will be the first result to come up. Not the 16th.


How often would you scroll past the first page that came up on Google? You wouldn’t, which is why you need to make sure your SEO is up to scratch! Let’s face it, construction relies heavily on brand recognition. If you have developed the most amazing building for a high-end office in London, you’re going to want to show it off, and you just won’t be doing that if you’re not driving customers to your website.


So, what can you do yourself to help drive a greater flow of people to your website? First, internal linking. When I was training, this would be drilled into my head. I can quite literally hear my tutor saying ‘internal linking’ over and over again. Essentially, this is linking pieces of writing on your website to another page. Ensure you are using at least three links in a blog post to another page which has relevance to what you’re talking about. For example, I might be writing a piece on what area of Essex saw the largest increase in housing last year. I would link in my blog post where I found the information from and hyperlink it to the words ‘largest increase in housing’. This will result in Google exposing you more to the public and pushing you higher up on ranking.

Social Media


If executed properly, social media can be an absolute godsend. Not only can you post updates of your work, but since the end of 2017, it also allows you to add highlights. Construction doesn’t just happen overnight. Adding a highlights section to your social page which shows the development of the site you are working on will show customers the progression of your work. It will show off the many, many hours you have put into your work and entice your audience to find out more (if your work is good, of course!).



Ensure you are posting regularly. I can’t stress this enough! Look at how often you currently post. Is it daily, weekly, or even monthly? At the bare minimum, it needs to be every few days. Though this isn’t related to your website, finding your business on Instagram or LinkedIn, for example, will prompt people to search for your company manually on the internet. More searches results in you reaching a wider audience. Oh, and don’t forget to hashtag!


For a company working in construction, you must also ensure your LinkedIn account is active. In today’s market, there is a demand for new and modern offices. For a company looking to expand and search for construction companies, LinkedIn would be another great place to start. Ensure your profile is up-to-date, and you have been endorsed for work in your field. All these things count to customers, so don’t leave it!




It is a great way to exert your knowledge on the industry and not to ‘brag’. You can join groups which are relevant to your industry and participating in them, branch out and share information that has worked for you and will for others. Your business will bring the right impression and be therefore valued and respected.




What website in 2020 doesn’t have a blog page? If you haven’t done so already, create a free and professional-looking blog page to improve your website’s visibility online. This will help to inform your customers on why your construction business is the best. If possible, try to post at least once a week, as this will make your website more active and professional. A good place to start when building your website is on WordPress. It’s easy to use and you can find some great free templates on there to fit the theme of your website.


Remember, blogging doesn’t just allow your audience to read about your business. It also brings opportunities for them to actually engage with you. They can subscribe to your website to receive updates on when you post a new blog and you therefore will begin to create a connection between you and potential customers. Nothing beats a good, solid reputation.


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From the team here, we hope that this guide has offered you some insights into how to attract a wider audience for your business. Don’t panic though, we are here to help! If you need an agency which specialises in SEO and construction, then look no further. We have eleven years’ worth of experience in this field and can tailor our work specifically for your business. For more information, give us a call on 01376 386 850. We look forward to hearing from you! Click here to fill out our contact form. 




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