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Ah, the wonderful world of PR. It’s a blessing of an industry, isn’t it (if done correctly of course!). PR is a great way to essentially, show off and branch out. And why not? You’ve done something you’re proud of! Show it off, because you can guarantee your competitors are, and construction is the perfect industry to do that.

Construction PR is essential. Whilst it’s a very rewarding industry, it’s also an extremely competitive one. For clients, deciding who is best to work on a project is a challenging task. They’re going to be looking at reviews, previous work, social media and testimonials, to say the least.

So, what can construction PR bring to your business? We thought we’d compile a small list of what it can offer you and why it’s crucial for your business!




PR will get you out there! It’s about connecting you and your business with a wider community and will elevate your company’s overall brand.

PR will highlight your construction businesses’ core values and why working alongside you would be suitable for them. Construction PR can demonstrate your understanding and expertise in the industry and communicate to clients why you’re suitable for the job. It allows consumers to understand what makes you different to everyone else and what you can bring to a potential upcoming project.

Construction isn’t an industry where you can show your work off every day, which is why having regular PR is even more important. Verbal and visual PR can suffice for the typical work which would normally be carried out through social media for a regular business. That’s not to say you can’t use social media, just there are more effective ways in this instance of branding your construction company. Contacting the press to speak about the upcoming development of a building you’re working on, for example, is an easy way to get your name in the papers and therefore publicise your business.


Increase credibility and exposure


Okay, it’s a fancy way of saying that PR can help you show off (but in a good way). When we say this, we must remember there’s two ways of going about it, and you must ensure you’re not going to come across as arrogant and as if you’re bragging.

In simple terms, this is what will keep your customer coming back. Exposure will build brand reputation and provide customers with the trust that you are reliable and offer an excellent service. Construction PR will help to build the exposure that your company needs to sell your services and reach that end goal of taking on new projects. Let’s paint a picture. Say you’ve been working on a heavy and time-consuming project for the last 8 months and you’re finally finished.

Having PR will allow your company to be seen through a variety of sources, such as newspapers, journalists and social media. This will ultimately lead to your development being exposed and therefore creating this brand recognition. You will be able to display your final piece to a variety of platforms through the use of social media and the PR agency.

Yes, credibility is similar. But note the difference. Construction PR can benefit hugely from credibility due to the industries competitiveness. In particular, it’s one of those industries which relies on customer satisfaction. Consumers will ensure that the company they plan on working with are trusted and have excellent reviews, which is why when you receive something like this, PR can help the public see it. For example, advertise your (hopefully) 5* reviews and put your testimonials on your website. To any business, this should be important, but to those of this nature, is even more crucial.


PR can demonstrate your successes


If you’re looking to reach a new set of clients and develop your business, you must make your work visible. Construction PR can help you to launch events to show your work off and demonstrate awards which you might have been rewarded with or exhibit your expertise in the field.

People want to know when a business is qualified to carry out a job, and an easy way to do that is through merchandising success! This aids new business development and tops off your company’s accomplishments. Hosting events is a great way to network too, and businesses which are in the service-related industry such as construction thrive on pertinent connections.

It’s from hosting events like this which enables you to branch out to further clients and create a portfolio. Having a construction PR team to do this will ensure that the event is professional and effective in driving in new clients. It gives you the basis of people recommending you if you make that great first impression!

A well-executed PR campaign directly contributes to sales leads, which is why it’s so important to make the most out the PR company working alongside you. That’s why showing your success off to journalists and on social media is important for business development; especially if you’ve received a reward.

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