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How to effectively utilise a construction public relations company

A construction public relations company, like Construction PR, can help you get ahead of the game in such a competitive industry. When it comes to using an agency, you need to know what you’re going to get out of it to ensure it has a solid ROI. Our team have been working with brands in the construction industry for over 12. As a result, we know a thing or two about ensuring you see the benefits of a PR investment. 

What are public relations?

Before we talk about how you can benefit from a construction public relations company, let’s talk about what public relations is. PR is the term used to define the process of establishing relationships and effectively managing the reputation of your brand. This can be through communication strategies such as media, events, and other things. It is all about increasing brand awareness, and through this, increasing sales. You also have the chance to build a positive name for yourself within the industry. Subsequenetly, you are seen as someone with influence over your sector.

What does a construction public relations company do?

A PR company will be able to guide you in the right direction when it comes to public relations. You should use them to handle your reputation. Companies like Construction PR can deal with your press matters, crisis management and more. As professionals, they can manage these areas more effectively than you may be able to do so in-house. 

Effective crisis management 

We all like to believe we’re invincible, but that simply isn’t the case. Whilst most businesses may never experience a crisis, it counts to be prepared, especially in the construction industry. To deal with disaster, no matter how big or small, you should have a plan. Our PR team at Construction PR can work with you to produce a plan for any possible situation. 

We will start by identifying any potential crisis that may occur. This will differ depending on which sector you operate within. A crisis can be anything from a natural disaster to safety measures going wrong. Whatever it is, Construction PR can help. After we have identified any crisis, we will work closely with your internal team to ensure you know who, if anyone, will respond. Our team can execute a crisis plan almost immediately after one occurs to guarantee minimal damage to your business’s reputation. One small mistake may cause irreparable damage and this is what we aim to help you avoid with our professional and planned responses. 

Linking SEO and PR 

The online world cannot be ignored, especially within the construction industry. For so long, word of mouth has been the norm, but with the rise of the internet, we have seen a surge in the importance for an effective online presence. One thing you should be utilising a construction public relations company for SEO. SEO stands for search engine optimisation and whilst on the outside it may look easy, it has many hidden avenues that you may miss. SEO refers to the changes you can make on and off your website to meet the Google algorithm requirements.

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Google will index your page based on how well it thinks you can answer a user’s query. The more useful it thinks your page is, the higher you will rank. If you don’t work on the SEO of your website, you are likely to slip below the first results page on Google and miss out on organic traffic and therefore sales. 

You’re probably wondering how SEO and public relations fit together. They link through something called backlinks. Backlinks are gained through securing leads in online publications within articles. These links are placed within the article and they follow through back to your website or content. Google sees this as a vote of confidence and a sign that you know what you’re talking about. Therefore, your SEO value will be boosted. Within this industry, it’s vital to take advantage of a construction public relations company that offers this service. The construction world is highly competitive and if you are not ranking highly on Google, you will miss out on potential business.

Get in the press 

It can be hard to get your business featured within the press without a construction public relations company. PR teams like the one team here at Construction PR have a wide range of journalist contacts that have been thoroughly established over the years. We can ensure you can talk about not only your services in the press, but also your story. Customers love to see a more human side to your brand and utilsing PR and its avenues can help you to bridge that gap. Online publications, print journalism, TV, radio, and podcasts can be very beneficial to your brand and you may be able to reach potential customers through these mediums. 

Why work with a construction public relations company?

Construction PR have been in this industry a long time. We have seen the market develop and know how to ensure you are getting the most out of PR. PR and the things that it encompasses are vitally important for the continual growth of your business; it is how you branch out and connect with not only customers but also other businesses. 

You might not have time to dedicate to your PR strategy – that’s where Construction PR comes in. Our experts have years of experience. We can work with you to produce an effective and long-lasting PR strategy using our list of press contacts and exceptional written communication skills. With multiple awards under our belt and the guarantee of lead replacement if a lead is lost, we believe our PR services are the best the UK has to offer.

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