Why is graphic design for construction companies important?

All humans love a good visual, if something looks good, we are more likely to trust it. As such, graphic design for construction is vital if businesses want to look professional and reliable. In an industry that depends on visuals in order to gain trade, you need to ensure potential clients choose you over your competitors. You should be able to sell your services with the end result; but graphic design is there to lend a helping hand to get you there. 

Visual branding identification  

One of the most important benefits of graphic design for construction companies is the brand recognition. If you look at popular brands, many people can immediately identify the colours or logo that the company uses. Effective graphic design can help you build a corporate recognisable image for your company that is instantly identifiable. This cohesiveness across your brand will help customers and clients to recognise your brand. It will also create a positive image of your company in their minds. Your visual branding is key and can help to communicate to the world what you want to say. It is a huge part of how you identify online and in print. Whatever graphic design you use for your branding must be reflective of who you are as a brand and what services you deliver. 


Your logo needs to be reflective of who you are as a brand. It is the foundation of your brand identity and can tell the story of your services without words. Thus, it is vital to your business development. It is also usually one of the first things you will set out to do in terms of graphic design. Your design must grab the attention of a potential customer. First impressions are made within 2 seconds and decisions are made whether your business is worth their time. Your logo is often your first chance to introduce your company and let a consumer know what you’re all about. If it is designed well then it will pique the interest and bring in customers. It also allows your customers to separate from any competition. 

Social media posts

Graphic design for your business is not just about logos and marketing materials. It is also a vital tool within social media marketing. Social media usage is growing daily and it’s an area of marketing that companies can’t afford to miss out on. Not only do social media graphics add to that brand recognition we were talking about, but it also makes your social media outlets look professional. Therefore, they are more likely to attract a user’s attention.

When scrolling on socials, people are impatient; they want to see things quickly before moving to the next. This means you only have a few seconds to capture their attention with anything you post. You can achieve this by adding graphics to your social media posts to differ from just a picture or text. A good graphic aimed at your target audience can get people clicking, sharing, and following which is the perfect recipe for good engagement.

Marketing materials 

Something that has been pushed aside in favour of more digital means, is traditional marketing materials like leaflets. However, within the construction industry, this type of marketing can still be essential. A lot of construction companies may find themselves exhibiting at exhibitions across the country throughout the year. Many businesses at these events still use psychical marketing as it gives a potential client or customer something to take away with them to remember your brand by. This means the graphic design of your leaflets and any other marketing materials you create must look and reflect your brand image.

You need to consider everything from colour schemes to any images you may use. You may want to think about including the least amount of text possible as people will not want to read a huge chunk of writing. Be sure to include your website and any social media usernames on there so people can follow you and keep up with your projects. 

Web design

If someone has searched for your services on Google, one of the first things they may see is your website. There are many things that may cause a user to click off your website including how it looks. If it is hard to navigate, it loads slowly, or it doesn’t look professional enough, people are likely to exit and find another website that can help answer their query or provide them with a service. Our modern and digital society calls for expert graphic design for construction company websites. A user visiting your website must be able to easily find what they are looking for. Including a menu with pages for services, about us, contact, and even a picture gallery to showcase previous work can achieve just that.

Professional graphic design for construction 

Here at Construction PR, we have a dedicated graphic design team who can focus on the overall design of your marketing. Our graphics team work side by side with our social team, content team, and PR team. This allows them to communicate and use the graphics across all forms of your digital marketing to create a cohesive brand image that your customer base will come to love and recognise. The Construction PR team work with the best software include InDesign and Photoshop, and can produce marketing materials for digital means, or even leaflets, brochures, and flyers for events. 

As well as a graphic design service, Construction PR can also provide your business with social media management, PR, business development, SEO, and event management. Our team are all under one roof meaning they can all collaborate and share new, fresh ideas for your brand. 

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