Top Tips for Marketing A Construction Business in A Digital Age

When it comes to marketing a construction business in the digital age, it can be impossible to know where to begin. The construction industry has long relied on word of mouth and physical marketing in order for companies to make themselves known, but times are changing. 

The development of digital marketing has excelled in the last decade. All manner of businesses can benefit from utilising these new digital outlets, even those operating within the construction industry. Digital marketing can help businesses to highlight their niche and effectively target their intended audience. If your company isn’t fully caught up with the digital age, it won’t be long before you start to see your competitors out perform you.

Here at Construction PR, we are all about assisting companies with their continued transition into the digital world. We are able to do this by offering online marketing techniques suited to your business. With a multitude of services that you can choose from, we can combine them with each other to suit your needs. Today, we want to talk about some of the best ways businesses can market themselves using online platforms and mediums. 

1.    Take advantage of Google and SEO 

99% of marketing is about gaining exposure for your business. Google is one of the best tools available to achieve this. The first place a consumer will go to find products and services is Google. If your business is not on the SERP (search engine results page) then you may as well be invisible. 

The most effective way to ensure you are seen on Google is to streamline your website using SEO tactics. SEO stands for search engine optimisation. This entails ensuring elements of your website, like text and meta data, are in line with SEO requirements in order to increase your visibility on Google. Any blogs or website content should contain keywords that are evenly spread throughout the text. By doing this, you can rank on the SERP for certain keywords. When potential clients and customers Google those words, your website will appear near the top. With over 3.5 billion searches on Google every day, this digital marketing step is vital, and businesses may lose a large chunk of traffic without it. 

2.    Don’t be afraid of images and videos 

One of the best tactics when marketing a construction business, is utilising visual elements. The industry itself is visual, with companies relying on images of final builds and projects to sell services. YouTube is the second biggest search engine in the world. Posting videos to YouTube can increase your businesses online presence. These videos can be anything from showcasing completed projects, to ‘how to’ videos that get audiences engaging with your company and your social platforms. 

‘How to’ videos are a way to not only make potential customers aware of your company, but also other industry professionals. This can cement your place within the community as an informative figure head. 

Businesses can also use images and videos to highlight testimonials. These work wonders for increasing the trust people have in your company. Consumers are more likely to believe a good testimony or review from another customer as companies are always going to talk highly of themselves.

3.    Social Media is worth it 

Marketing a construction business in a digital age isn’t complete without the use of social media. Businesses in this industry may overlook social media as a viable tool, however, this can be a costly mistake. Social media is all about connecting with your audience in a more human way. It is a softer version of marketing that allows customers to feel connected to your business, whilst also allowing you to sell and advertise products. 

Some platforms are better suited to construction companies than others. Many find success with Instagram due to the ability to post images and videos. LinkedIn can also be utilised for recruitment and networking with other industry professionals. Within the construction industry, this can be just as important as reaching out to your consumers, especially if you are looking to work with suppliers.

Using agencies when marketing a construction business

These are only some of the ways businesses can use the online world to benefit their sales. Without prior experience, it can seem overwhelming. This is where companies like Construction PR come in. During our 13 years of working with the construction industry, we have seen digital marketing evolve rapidly. Our dedicated team keep on top of trends, tracking any developments to ensure they implement them into marketing strategies to produce the best results for our clients.

Unlike other marketing companies, Construction PR do not hire freelancers. Our team all work under one roof meaning our multiple departments can collaborate with one another. This allows you, as a business, to choose from a range of marketing services and combine them if you so wish. You can choose multiple services confidently, knowing that all results will be produced in close cohesion with each other.  

Each team member in our departments possesses unique skills and strengths, but one thing we pride ourselves on is our creativity. Our agency can provide a high-class service at a fraction of the price of London agencies. This makes us perfect for lower scale businesses.

Our Services 

Marketing a construction business requires several elements of digital marketing to be successful. As previously mentioned, Construction PR offers multiple marketing services to ensure you receive the best ROI from working with an agency. These services include: 

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