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Why should you choose Construction PR as your marketing construction company?

The construction industry is one of the most competitive industries in the UK. There are many different types of avenues you can take within the construction sector. All of these need a solid marketing and PR agency to help deliver the best results; personalised for each company. 40% of firms will only consider one contractor before making their final decision, so keep reading to find out how Construction PR can help your business to be that one!

Who are Construction PR?

Construction PR were formed in 2009 and have since become a multi award winning construction PR agency; bringing knowledge and expertise in the industry to deliver the best results to your company. Here at Construction PR, above anything else we pride ourselves on being a high-quality PR agency, without the London price tag.

Construction PR works with you in a way that will benefit your company. We ensure you reach the goals and targets you have set. Our team specialises in already established brands within the industry as well as start-up construction businesses. Our company can provide a whole host of skills and techniques to help your business reach the top. We offer services in PR, social media, SEO, events, video, photography and marketing

Our team at Construction PR offer guaranteed results. We strive to build your exposure as well as your profit, it’s what we thrive off of. Our marketing construction company has superb connections across the industry, so we can ensure that we connect you to the right people who will help you and us to grow your business. We pride ourselves on both having and gaining the knowledge we need, specific to your company.

This allows us to create bespoke campaigns that place you as a leader in your field. We cater to both small and large construction companies no matter the size of the projects they take on. Whatever your needs we can manage them from start to finish, constantly re-evaluating our work to ensure we are improving to reach your personalised targets and goals.

How can our marketing construction company can help you?

There are many different routes we can offer to help your business, whatever your needs may be. Whether you need a total brand redesign and launch, or you want your website to move up the rankings on Google; we offer it. Here is a brief overview of the services we can provide to you.


As a marketing construction company we can write and create bespoke blogs and articles on an array of topics and subjects within your sector, whether you are contract builders or window fitters. From this we then use our expertise and connections to get your business, leads in relevant publications.
Social Media – Our team specialises in creating content for your relevant social media platforms. Depending on whether you want increased followers, more interaction or traffic to your website, we can create calendars with content that will be generated specific for your needs or target audience. From this we will be able to monitor and track your business insights and improve and adapt accordingly.


Search engine optimization is a key resource in taking your business to the top. The Construction PR team will spend dedicated time ensuring your content is making the most out of your website; organically moving your name up through the rankings.


Your business’ events are important to us here at Construction PR. Using our knowledge and experience we can create and design personalised events whether it be for the launch of your business, a new product or the anniversary of your company. After all who doesn’t love a party?


Graphic design is at the forefront of your brand. Having a strong brand image could be the thing that a potential customer chooses you, over another company. This is why our inhouse designers pay key attention to detail when creating your graphics.

Photography and videography

Good images and videos are what makes your construction company look professional and stand out over competitors. Let us take away the stress that