Top 5 tips for marketing construction companies

Marketing construction companies doesn’t have to be hard, you just have to know the correct ways to go about it. Construction PR are an award-winning marketing agency that have been working with industry professionals for over 12 years. We know marketing inside and out. Our experience and skills have allowed us to take businesses marketing to the next level with high ROI’s. In this blog, our team are going to share their top 5 tips for successful construction marketing so that you can elevate your business.

1.    Define your niche 

We’ve been working with this industry long enough to know that even though companies may fall under the construction umbrella, there are many different niches within. It isn’t as straight forward as architects and brick layers; every company has their own way of doing things. Your niche should be something you are actively choosing to shout about. If you offer a unique service that people seek, then marketing will be to your advantage. For example, you may be an architectural company, but your niche is educational architecture. You should focus on these when drawing up your marketing strategy and you should ensure that you take advantage of this USP (unique selling point). If you market your niche correctly, schools are more likely to choose your construction company than another company who do not specialise in this area.

2.    Use visual social media 

The construction industry is a very visual industry, so it makes sense to utilise this within your marketing. Social media has been a useful tool for businesses in the past decade and has taken the marketing construction companies to the next level. Many people might think that construction has no place on social media, however, many businesses within this industry have found success on multiple platforms. 

Instagram is the perfect platform to showcase your work and your team. By providing examples of case studies and completed projects, as well as works in progress, you will be able to establish trust from potential customers. They want to see examples of your work and what they will receive if they choose you to undertake their project. Including photos of your team can also showcase a more human side to your business, bridging that corporate gap between you and your target audience.

3.    Don’t write boring content!

When it comes to writing content for the SEO on your website, quality matters over quantity. Companies often fall into the trap of churning out content for the sake of it. This can mean over saturating your keywords, and also losing the interest of your target audience. When it comes to marketing constructioncompanies and SEO, you want to ensure any content you write is relevant and informative. Users will type keywords and phrases into Google and will expect to find websites that can help answer their queries or are relevant to their search.

Google uses how useful and relevant your content is to rank your website on the SERP (search engine result page). The more relevant your content is to a search, the higher you will rank. If a user clicks your content and it isn’t useful or related to their query, they are likely to exit your page. This will increase your bounce rate which will in turn, decrease your SEO value, meaning you will see a slip in your ranking positions. To avoid this, write quality content using keywords and phrases that you know you target audience will be searching for. This way your content can be both refined and focused.

4.    Streamline your website

Another thing that will put users off of your website is how quick it is and how it looks. Graphic design and website functionality are paramount when it comes to marketing construction companies. Users will want to be able to find your services and products with ease, without having to go hunting for them all. The layout should be easy to navigate and clear for those people visiting to find what they are looking for.

It may be helpful to break it into pages such as Home, About Us, Services, Products, Meet the Team, Contact, and any other further options, depending on what it is you offer. Another page that is useful, especially for construction companies, is having a Case Studies area so that visitors to your website can see previous examples of your projects.

5.    Utilise PR with backlinks

No marketing construction company strategy is complete without utilising PR. PR stands for public relations and is the process of managing your reputation and building a bridge between you and your audience through media outlets. This includes podcasts, TV, radio, and both online and print publications. The process of obtaining backlinks to boost your SEO value is done through PR. PR experts can gain backlinks for you within online publications. Backlinks are links that exist within content on other website and pages that link to your site. The website that links to your content must be relevant and have good domain authority. Those that don’t have a good rating can negatively affect your SEO value and may be detrimental to your Google rankings instead of helpful. 

Need some help?

Despite these tips, we understand that marketing construction companies can be a little overwhelming. You may feel like you cannot cover it in house. That is why agencies like Construction PR exist.

With a highly skilled and creative team all under one roof, we can offer your construction company marketing services to help further your business development. Whether you are in need of just socials media help, or whether you are looking to adapt your whole marketing strategy, we can assist you. Our expert team have years of experience working with construction companies across the UK to produce effective results. 

If you are ready to start discussing your marketing strategy today, then get in touch with our friendly team or call us on 01376 386 850 – we would love to hear from you!