Top 5 Construction social media tips

As we continue to head into 2022, you need to make sure you are not falling behind on your construction social media strategy. It can be easy to feel overwhelmed by all the different platforms and how they work. If you are worried about where to start, or you have started and don’t know what direction to go in, Construction PR can help. We are a digital marketing agency with a specialist in house social media team who are experts in all things social. In this blog, our team are going to impart their wisdom and guide you in the right direction to improve your online presence.

1.     It’s all about images 

As the saying goes, a picture speaks a thousand words, and this has never been more relevant than when it comes to social media. Many areas of the construction industry rely heavily on visuals of completed projects to sell their services. An image will show your potential customers what you can deliver. As a result, they are likely to make a choice based on this. Uploading these to your social media can act as an informal catalogue for customers to look at. It can also help them to see how much work goes into your final product; don’t be afraid to post pictures of projects in progress to show the process behind everything. 

Your images don’t have to be taken on a professional camera either. Familiarise yourself with your smartphone camera and snap away whilst your team work. Not only does this show what goes on behind the scenes, it also humanises your brand. Construction social media can be used as a tool to bring your target audience closer to you. If you ensure your images are professional but also show off a more relaxed, less corporate side to your business, your audience are likely to connect with this.

2.     Don’t forget to post videos

Some people believe that when it comes to social media, videos are the way forward. In 2020, video sharing app TikTok became the most downloaded app of the year and continues to remain as popular. Many other platforms have started to follow in the footsteps of TikTok, seeing the success it has had. Instagram have introduced Reels. These are a a way to share 15 second videos with your followers much like TikTok. YouTube have YouTube Shorts that carries a similar premise. Construction social media accounts have found success in sharing videos on a multitude of platforms. From instructional videos to time lapses of projects, the construction hashtag on TikTok has over 18.6 billion views, proving there is an audience out there just waiting! Jump on the bandwagon by setting your phone camera to time lapse mode and record your process for your social media audience to see.

3.     Don’t be afraid to be active!

Building up your construction social media takes time and requires you to be active and present on the platforms. Not only does being active act as a sign of confidence to your potential customers, but it can also help build your engagement rate. Following, liking posts, and commenting on other posts, when done strategically, can improve your engagement. A higher engagement rate means more people will see your account. This will increase your followers and in turn, gain you more potential sales and clients.

4.     Research your hashtags

Hashtags are a massive part of your construction social media tool belt. Just like any other tools, you have to know how to use them correctly for them to work. Hashtags must be relevant to your business and your post so that they reach your target audience. You want to ensure you use a variety of hashtags. Some of these, #construction for example, will have a wide reach. However, if you use this hashtag by itself, it’s likely to get drowned out by other people’s posts in a matter of seconds. Use other relevant hashtags with a lower volume of posts. Doing this ensures you’re not being missed by a key part of your target audience.

5.     Link to your website 

Social media is a helpful tool to drive traffic to your website. Your website will contain all your information about who you are, what you do and other things not available on your social media platforms. Make sure you have your website linked somewhere on your social media platforms. On Instagram and Twitter, there are helpful designated spaces for your URL’s. For other platforms, don’t be afraid to link your website within posts. If you have posted a blog post on your website, share it with your social followers. Not only does this allow your audience to find you, but it also acts as a vote of confidence to the Google algorithm. An active social media account with a high engagement rate will improve your SEO. This is through reassuring Google that people trust what you have to say. It also proves that your website isn’t a spam/inactive site.

Not sure where to start?

This might sound like a lot to take in. Construction social media isn’t an easy battle to wage. In a highly competitive industry, getting your name out there can be tough. Social media experts like Construction PR can take all the stress off your shoulders and provide you with the assistance you need. We have a dedicated social media team who have been working with clients in the construction industry for over 12 years. They know what hashtags to use, how to edit videos, and how to increase the engagement rate of your posts to get your accounts growing. 

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