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Here at our Construction PR Agency, we pride ourselves in providing and implementing high quality and unique marketing for construction companies across the UK. With 12 years of experience alongside a vast collection of accolades, our proven track record guarantees you an award-winning service. 

As the world becomes more digitalised, industries have to adapt should they hope to remain successful. The construction industry is of course no different. When your customers need a contractor, they will search online, checking out multiple companies before making a decision. Therefore, a strong online presence is essential in order to generate awareness from your audience. 

Creating a striking website is one thing, however, generating web-traffic, converting, and retaining customers is a whole other ballpark. For some, there isn’t enough time, resources, or indeed knowledge available to effectively implement this. However, we are experts in a wide range of marketing strategies, delivering you outstanding results to keep your business competitive. For more information regarding some of the services that we offer, read on!

Social Media Marketing

For many in the construction industry, social media is disregarded as an option for marketing your business. However, our 12 years of experience undertaking marketing for construction companies says otherwise. Social media is one of, if not the most important tool available in order to increase your awareness. As the construction industry is highly competitive, standing out from the crowd is key for long-term success. By implementing social media marketing effectively, the professionalism and strengths of your brand can be broadcasted to your audience. 

It also enables you with the potential to generate new leads and grow the audience of your brand. Win-win right? Well, it isn’t that simple unfortunately. Not every platform or piece of content that you post will benefit your business. By working alongside our specialist teams, we tailor your social-media marketing to be the most effective for you. No one is going to be looking for a professional contractor on TikTok! 

At ConstructionPR, we offer a range of services including website design, content creation, and PR – to develop relationships with your audience. Whether you need the full package or just a specific aspect, we have years of experience in effectively delivering it. What’s more, we offer full transparency throughout the entire process, giving you the help you actually need, rather than selling you what you don’t.


To successfully market your business in the construction industry, customers must view you as experts in your field. Well, that’s exactly what we are. Our team has extensive experience in creating relevant content, helping you to enhance the image of your brand. Also, due to our decade long experience in providing marketing for construction companies, we have many enviable press connections. Be this in mainstream news or trade press, we provide the coverage to get your message to the right audience. By featuring in these articles, it can help reaching your target audience and improve your visibility. An important aspect of your brand is how customers remember you. By appearing in media publications and press releases, we can help build the connection between you and your audience, building awareness and converting leads into sales. 

Still feel like its not worth the risk? At ConstructionPR, we are the only construction marketing agency in the UK to offer a PR guarantee. This means that no matter the circumstances, you have complete security, guaranteeing you the outstanding results that you paid for. 

Graphic Design

A large majority of contracts within the construction sector involve building visually appealing structures. So why should the look of your brand be presented any different? Although sometimes appearing unnecessary, graphic design is a key pillar involved in maintaining customer interest. When searching for a contractor, the first point of contact tends to be your online presence. If you hope to attract the attention of your audience, you have to stand out. Remember, customers can find 20 similar companies to yours with the click of a button! A well designed logo or website could be the tipping point in influencing a customer in their buying decision.

For many businesses, there may not be the opportunity available in order to implement this effectively. That is where we come in. Our award-winning graphic design team provides a variety of services to take your brand to the next level. With a vast portfolio spanning over a decade, you can be confident in our ability to increase your awareness and expand your audience.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

When searching for a product or service, how many different results appear? Hundreds of thousands right? Especially in a highly saturated market like the construction industry, the visibility of your company is essential to its success. With the majority of customers searching online when in need of a contractor, if you don’t appear high in the Google rankings, your business runs the risk of being overlooked or going completely unnoticed. This is where effective SEO shines. By optimizing the content you release, you can rank well for specific keywords, helping your online presence become more visible. The majority of customers won’t search past the first page, highlighting the importance of ranking your website high.

Nailing SEO is essential before undertaking any other marketing strategies. What use is implementing high-quality graphic design if customers can’t find your website? At ConstructionPR, SEO is one our specialities. With a decade of experience under our belts and an impressive portfolio, you can be confident in our expertise. By working with our content team, we can help get your business to the top of the rankings, allowing you to reap the benefits.

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As a multi-award winning agency, we are adept at proving effective marketing for construction companies throughout the UK. Whatever the size or experience of your business, we offer custom-built strategies to execute your marketing to the highest standard. For more information about the services we can offer, contact us today by clicking here. Or fill out the form below.

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