Our focus on PR services for the construction industry sets us apart from our peers. Specialising in this sector has given us the experience to confidently work for any company in this industry to the highest standards. Construction PR are the experts in public relations for construction and construction adjacent businesses. 

The PR team here at Construction PR have been creating engaging copy for articles for many years. Leveraging our enviable connections with journalists and media outlets, we can get eyes on content from your company. This will raise your company’s profile and your market position as leaders in the industry. 

Construction PR are committed to securing the best ROI for our clients, getting our high-quality content in front of the people that matter. Your customers. Our bespoke construction PR solutions are specially-created for each customer, as every single one is unique and have their own requirements. 

Why do you need PR?

PR controls your company’s image. It is how your customers will view you in the public eye. Using a specialised construction PR company like us will enable you to be seen as industry leaders, with professional and positive messaging being displayed in relevant publications and websites that your customers will read on a regular basis. This will help to create a buzz around your business, with content curated to make you look like the desirable company you deserve to be. We also offer reputation control PR services, to make sure you stay ahead of any bad press that might be coming your way. 

If you have news, such as a new product or service, or maybe you’ve done some great charity work, for example, you want to shout about it. Yes, you could just email all your customers to let them know, but how can you spread the news outside of your customer-base? PR is the best and fastest way to get word out. Whatever you want to share, we’ll have the contacts to make sure your target audience see it. 

The Benefits of PR for Construction:

Added Credibility

Drive business enquiries 

Increased exposure

 Can help with recruitment

Improved SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

Proactive Crisis Management

How does construction PR work?

Public relations works for the construction industry because of the symbiotic relationship between PR agencies, like us, and journalists. It works for you, because you get eyes on your content in well-established publications. Therefore, it works for us, because we get to work with industry leading construction experts every day. It works for journalists, because they get easy access to exciting content every month from us and our clients. PR just works! 

Why use PR over paid media advertising?

PR allows you to build an organic audience, using long-form content to really engage your audience. People are becoming numb to traditional advertising methods. We don’t think that these methods never work. They certainly do, but trust for paid ads is definitely waning. People are much more likely to respond positively to thought pieces, news, professional advice and useful content. 

It is also worth noting that people are actually becoming blind to adverts, simply skipping past them or barely sparing them a glance. This means that you are paying for reach that you might not actually be receiving.