When it comes to marketing for construction companies, strong SEO is key for business growth. SEO, also known as Search Engine Optimisation, is the art of making your website rank higher on search engines. Amongst many other techniques, this involves industry keyword research and making changes to the metadata on the backend of websites. Keywords are the search terms that we will aim to have ranking on search engines. This is done by using them on your websites, blog content, articles and social media accounts to boost your SEO ranking higher.  

There has been a large rise of construction companies that have taken to promoting their businesses online since COVID19. With this being said you need to make sure your website is ranking higher than your competitors to make sure you stand out.  

The importance of a high-ranking SEO

Let’s put this into some context; Google is accessed every single day by billions of people. Google processes 3.5 billion searches per day, which translates to 40,000 search enquiries per second. This is just one well known online search engine, so it’s safe to say there is a huge audience you could be targeting by boosting your construction SEO. In a recent survey 90% of Googles users said they will not search past the first page. When you use keywords in blogs or your website, this will push your ranking higher which in turn means you will appear higher on searches. Ultimately meaning your company will be seen by a much broader audience.  

Search engines have everchanging algorithms, which are certain criteria that are put in place to filter websites to try and give searchers the most appropriate results. Once you have nailed the new algorithm changes you can learn the tactics to push yourself higher on their SEO ranking. Which is exactly why it is crucial to have the right construction SEO experts behind you to do all the hard work behind the scenes, saving you time that could be best spent in other areas of your business 

Why choose Construction PR?

With our vast knowledge and expertise in the construction sector, we know all the methods for boosting your construction SEO and are constantly able to keep up with the dreaded algorithm changes. Working in this industry for 12 years, we know all the tips and tricks for promoting your business. When you choose to work with us, we will assign dedicated team members to your account who will be your points of contact. We believe this tactic works well as our staff can rapidly learn about your business and processes, quickly slotting in as part of your team to achieve the best results. 

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