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How Social Media Marketing for Construction Can Benefit Your Business

If you’re hesitant to invest in social media marketing for construction, we’re here to put your mind at ease. These online platforms have the power to elevate and expand your brand in ways that were previously impossible. This is something that our team have seen first-hand, both for multi-national conglomerates and small, independent businesses. 

Here at Construction PR, our team are ready and waiting to get stuck into new and exciting projects. There is little more rewarding than seeing our clients succeed. Knowing that we have played a hand in this success is a feeling like no other. 

Keen to know more about our methods? Keep reading to hear more about how we can help and the many benefits of social media marketing!

Brand recognition 

One of the main goals of marketing is brand recognition. People should be able to see your logo and immediately know who you are, and social media marketing for construction is one of the greatest tools for ensuring just this! 

Customers are unlikely to choose a company they have never heard of. By posting on social media, you can increase your brands visibility, increasing the amount of people who see your business. Eventually, this will also help you to become a household name. Standing out from your competitors is vital in this industry and increasing your web presence will allow you to do just that. 

You should focus your content on the things that make you unique. Ask yourselves, how do you differ from your competitors? If you have a niche, now is the time to focus on it. The more people that hear your message, the more you will build your brand recognition. 

Building communities 

The construction industry is one that has valued word of mouth right from the very beginning, and opening your lines of communication online can take your business to the next level. It enables you to branch out to new and existing customers, ensuring they can engage directly with you, as well as each other. 

Welcoming feedback online is a great way to gather testimonials, adding to your brands credibility. Building a community does, however, require more than just posting and the occasional communication with your customers. 

In order to build an online community, you need to show a more human and less corporate side to your business. This can be done by introducing your team, regularly answering questions, or even taking your followers through a ‘day in your life’. Research suggests that 83% of people like it when brands respond to their queries on social media and 68% like when brands join in on their conversations on social platforms. Why? Because customers love to feel connected to their favourite brands. It shows them that you care!

Increase website traffic

Without social media marketing for construction, businesses may struggle to increase their inbound traffic. Although SEO is a wonderful marketing tool that can certainly grow your websites reach, it’s important you also look beyond this too. Something that many businesses tend to overlook is the impact that their social accounts can have on their site’s performance. This is just as important!

Social media should always link back to your website, with a link in your bio being a must-have. Make sure that every piece of content is focused on connecting with not only your existing customers but also new ones too. Increased traffic to your website from your social media boosts your sites SEO value and will get your rising through those rankings. 

Showing a visual side to your company

With over 33.4 million Instagram users in the UK, the image and video sharing platform is booming with potential. Partner this with an industry that relies on visuals to sell products/services and you have the ideal way to create leads. 

Showing off may be looked down on by some but there’s nothing wrong with a bit of pride in your work. As a business, you need to be shouting about the projects your proud of! Through the years, we have found a lot of success in progress and update posts across our clients’ social media accounts. 

Managing social media marketing for construction 

As you can see from the above, social media plays a vital role. Ensuring companies within the construction industry are able to flourish. As social platforms play such an important role in the daily life of consumers, any businesses not utilising this tool are likely to miss out on potential custom and struggle with the extended growth or their company.

Whilst social media marketing is essential, this process takes time and consistency and this is where businesses often falter. Social media, for many construction companies, has become an afterthought. It’s okay if you don’t have the time to dedicate to this area of your marketing, just make sure that you are leaving it in the capable hands of someone who does. 

Construction PR’s services

When you let someone else handle your social media, it can be a daunting process. Your business is your pride and joy, we get that. This being said, you are can be confident in the team we have here at Construction PR! With multiple awards under our belt and a range of skills, backgrounds, and experience throughout our team, we are proud of the high-quality service that we provide.

Not only do we offer social media services, but we can also provide a range of digital marketing solutions to help elevate your business. These include PR (public relations), graphic design, SEO, and event management.

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