Of course, no one wants to think about a crisis happening but it is something you need to bear in mind, especially in an Industry where there is every day risks in the work place. Things can easily go wrong in the construction sector. You may experience numerous potential crises, an unhappy customer, delays to projects, a bad review online or consumer complaints that leave your business feeling deflated and concerned. Remember you can’t please everyone and as unfortunate as a crisis may seem, there is ways around this!  Our team are specialists in crisis management for construction companies. We can ensure that we are both proactive and reactive in our approach, giving you the piece of mind to carry on doing what you do best.

How to manage a Crisis in an organisation

If a crisis occurs it is very easy to initially worry for the reputation of your company. In order to keep a more proactive frame of mind when approaching a disaster, take a look at these easy steps in managing this process: 

Create a management plan – This can then be implemented quickly in the event of a PR disaster occurring. 

Identify the risks that could potentially happen – When you identify the risks you can then start to create solutions to them. 

Define clear and consistent responses – If you prepare your responses in advance, it will send a clear and professional message to consumers. 

Assemble an experienced crisis management team – Of course, we would always suggest getting an expert team together in this instance. An unprepared and inexperienced team could have a further detrimental effect.   

Dedicate the time to assess the level of threat to your business – Make sure to dedicate time to this, if you try to ignore the situation at hand, we can assure you, it won’t go away and it will just expand with time.   

Brief your organisation – this enables all staff members to know the plan moving forward and ensures everyone is singing from the same sheet.  

STAY POSITIVE! – This is vital in moving forward, a positive mind set will help you to overcome a PR disaster.  

Creating a crisis management plan

At Construction PR, our team have worked with many companies in creating a management plan in the event of a PR disaster. We believe that having a structure in place in case the time ever does occur is extremely important for the reputation of your business. We can then implement this as quickly as possible in order to get ahead of the game. Working fast to manage how things are portrayed, whilst having a plan of accurate and reliable responses is the way to go with crisis management. This helps to reduce the impact of negative press. 

Why should I choose Construction PR?

With over 11 years of experience in this Industry, it is safe to say we have everted undesirable attention from many construction companies during unfortunate PR disasters. Together with our wealth of knowledge our team will use their expertise and experience to move your organisation on from a crisis to resume normal business operations. All of this, whilst continuing to rebuild confidence and trust in your consumers

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