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A guide to Property Marketing in Essex

Construction is often the go-to solution for a government when they attempt to revitalise the economy after an economic crisis. There are no signs that the current government has plans for anything to the contrary. The method is tried and tested. Therefore anticipation is high among many businesses in the property sector that at least some investment will be heading their way in the near future.

The cross party Local Government Association has recently submitted a report petitioning the current national government to build an additional 100,000 new homes per year. The intention is to further improve the chances of a successful restart of the economy after its shuttering from Covid-19. This report named – ‘Delivery of council housing: a stimulus package post-pandemic’ – details the economic benefits such a national project would have. With many local governments petitioning for a rise in spending centred on the construction industry. Those in the industry are now positioning themselves to be be the recipients of such a windfall. It is important to promote your business now so that it can be noticed in an area of already high competition.

Recovering from the downturn

The government is working on multiple avenues to prevent the economy from contracting for an extended period of time. Construction is one area specifically that has received a lot of attention. Many new policies are already being implemented to give the industry a much required boost.

One such initiative that has already been announced is the governments intention to extend planning permission deadlines. Planning permissions normally expire within 3 years if work on site has not started. Any planning permissions that would have expired after the implementation of the nations covid-19 lockdown have automatically been granted an extension to the 1st April 2021. This policy has already prevented the planning permission on hundreds of projects nationwide from expiring. This includes 400 residential permissions in the process of providing over 24,000 new houses that would have otherwise expired at the end of June.

The introduction of new measures to permanently allow the Planning Inspectorate (PINS) use of more than a single procedure simultaneously will allow appeals to occur at a much faster rate. Hearings, inquiries and written representations will now be reviewed in tandem alongside planning appeals. With appeals being dealt with at a much faster pace, this will provide construction companies with extended timeframes, allowing the introduction of flexible working hours on site. Staggering builders arrival times will allow for better social distancing both on site and public transport by reducing number using services at any one time.

On top of this financial support has been announced to support firms and ensure they can continue tooperate. At least £330 billion of loans and guarantees have been pledged so far. Self assessment payments have also been pushed back. This are now due in 2021, providing immediate relief in a sector where many are self-employed.

The government is clearly providing support to a sector that has proven itself to be vital to economic growth time and again. Therefore many in the industry are now attempting to position themselves in an advantageous positions to reap the benefits of this support.

Construction PR is a property market specialist in Essex. We work with companies of all sizes. Our clientele ranges from a grounds working sole trader to large property developers who employ hundreds of people. We are also experts at working with those on the fringe of the industry. We have helped interior designers, kitchen manufacturers and double glazing specialists, to name a few. So no matter where you fit in the industry, let’s explore what we can do to help your business.

What can you expect from our team?

Construction PR is part of VerriBerri. We are an award winning property marketing specialist in Essex. Formed in 2009, our property marketing department has over a decade of experience working with those in the industry. Several of our employees have previously worked directly within the industry. This means we can offer a service based upon actual experience. With perspective and no miscommunication.

There are many aspects of our business that put us ahead of the competition. We are the only UK marketing organisation that offers guaranteed results. Yes, you read correctly. Guaranteed results. When you work with us you are assigned a dedicated account manager who will utilise our in-house PR and marketing teams to deliver a bespoke campaign for your business. One dedicated point of contact who is working with you.

Transparency is key. When you work with VerriBerri the exact number of hours our staff have invested in your campaign is logged and sent to you via a monthly report. This report also includes the number of leads generated. Providing our clients information in this format allows you to determine exact return on your investment. It keeps us honest; and provides peace of mind for you knowing exactly where your resources have been spent. Should you require, NDA’s are also available so that you are free to benefit from the appearance of having a fully internal marketing department within your business.

Whether you are pursuing brand recognition or an increase in sales. To upset the existing market or a more subtle approach. Our property marketing team in Essex aim to achieve and exceed your goals in a timely manner. We have the skills to formulate a campaign tailored to your priorities and expectations.

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We would love to hear from you. Our property marketing team in Essex would jump at the opportunity to help your business grow. We understand that this year has been especially tough. Our priority is to provide you with a conduit for success. A unique marketing solution for your business to get you ahead of the game.

 If anything mentioned in this article is of interest to you or your business, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us at 01376 386 850, or just click here. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have!

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