Here at Construction PR, we are proud to offer a wide range of services to suit every client’s specific needs. From expanding your company’s profile and brand awareness to generating high-quality leads, we have a solution for you. 

Marketing and PR Services

Our construction public relations, or PR, offering is based around making engaging content to promote your brand. This content is then distributed around our worldwide network of journalists and publications to feature the article on your behalf. Our team have experience running PR campaigns across the globe for the construction industry and ensure every campaign is a success. 

The exposure you will get as part of our campaigns will place you as thought leaders and make you stand out in your industry. This will create opportunities and promote growth that simple adverts alone can’t do. 

Tired of not showing up on search engines? Our content team here at Construction PR are experts in creating engaging, SEO-friendly content to boost your company’s website up the Google rankings. Our holistic approach to SEO means we don’t only focus on surface level content, but the work behind the scenes which will help push you to new heights. 

On top of this, we can manage your PPC activity, optimising your paid search engine and social media ads to get you the best results for your budget. 

Social media for the construction industry can be tough to navigate. Construction PR have years of experience working within this sector and know where to focus activity to produce the best results. We can help you leverage these platforms to gain important brand awareness and thought leadership. Showing your industry expertise on social media is a great way to promote your brand on a regular basis. 

Our in-house graphic design team have years of experience creating designs for a range of industries. From flyers and other print media to social media imagery, photography, website design and complete branding/rebranding services. We’ve done it all. We ensure that our high-quality designs stay on brand and professional at all times. 

The design team also work closely with our content team to add visual flair and branding to social media and website content, as well as other online and offline campaigns. 

Some of our clients already have a marketing strategy in place and come to us to help fulfil their plans. However, others work with us to help them create a strategy from scratch to support the rest of their business plans.

Construction PR can then be as involved as required once the strategy has been nailed down. With our vast marketing experience for a range of industries, we can help create a strategy that works for each individual company. 

Things can go wrong in the construction industry. You might experience delays or receive reviews that don’t paint you in a good light. It is inevitable. You can’t please everyone. This is where crisis management comes into play. If you are facing a PR disaster, it is better to get ahead of the game, working fast to manage how things are portrayed. Pre-emptive and fast, but measured, responses are the way to go with crisis management.

Construction PR have worked with companies to make a crisis management plan and helped to execute the plan when problems do arise to reduce the impact of negative press.  

We’re a creative bunch here at Construction PR. We like to bring fresh ideas to the table to help you stand out at trade shows and create spectacular bespoke events. These events are designed to drive brand awareness and engagement with your audience to expand your presence and reach in the industry. We will work with you right through from the brief to design to execution to ensure a flawless event experience from start to finish. 

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