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When it comes to construction company marketing materials, there are a few fundamental things you should keep in your virtual tool box. Marketing is incredibly important for construction companies. As the world moves into a digital age, word of mouth is no longer the only viable option for generating leads and business. Now, there are a wide range of elements that you can utilise to ensure your marketing is on top form. Construction PR have been working with construction companies to develop their marketing efforts for over 12 years. We have provided clients past and present with effective strategies that boost brand awareness. Read ahead for a closer look at some of the key construction company marketing materials you should be implementing.

What is marketing?

Marketing in its most traditional sense is when a business promotes its products and services. It is the process that a company will undertake to attract an audience. Before the rise of digitals means, this was done through flyers, posters, and radio and TV ads. Today, we can also incorporate digital marketing into this definition. This is when companies utilise the Internet to boost their brand. This can be through using social media, benefitting from PR, or adapting a website to be SEO friendly.  

Social Media 

How can social media be used as part of your construction company marketing materials? Let us break it down for you. Social media is an important part of everyone’s daily lives. We use it to share our day, keep up to date with the latest news, and we even look for products and services using it. Recently, many construction companies have found social media to be a useful tool. People often turn to the Internet and social media before they look elsewhere for a construction company to fulfil their needs. If your social channels are consistently posted on with good content, this is more likely to generate sales and customers for you. This is because a potential customer can see you are active.


Instagram is one of the more popular platforms for the construction industry. As a trade that relies on visuals and finished products to sell its services, Instagram is a perfect social media platform. Sharing ‘how to’ videos, time lapses of products, or even snaps of your working day, can help bridge to gap between you and potential customers, whilst also showcasing your products in a way that doesn’t feel like a hard-sell. People looking at your Instagram feed don’t want to feel like they are being sold to. This will allow them to feel more connected to your brand and business. 


This social media platform is one that often gets left behind and yet, it is an incredibly useful part of construction company marketing materials. Used mainly as a B2B marketing tool, LinkedIn allows construction companies to reach out to other industry individuals and create a name for themselves within their niche. Sharing tips, stories, and updates to ensure you are inserting yourself within the industry is vital. You cannot post posts that appear as a hard-sell on LinkedIn. It isn’t the right platform for this kind of post and is frowned upon by people who use the website. 

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) 

Even though you might not realise, SEO is a form of marketing. If done effectively it can produce lucrative results. SEO refers to the changes made to a website to make it more appealing to a search engine algorithm. These changes made might seem small but can make the world of difference. Implementing these onto your website will increase you positioning on the SERP (search engine results page). You must ensure your ranking is kept high, ideally within the first page of results. No one is going to spend hours searching for a construction company on Google, they are likely to pick one of the first few options that come up. If you are sinking in the murky depths of the SERP, you will miss out on organic traffic to your site, and the potential to lose sales.

Posting content 

The content you post on your website, such as blogs and pages, can be adapted for maximum SEO value. Any content posted must be relevant and interesting. Blogs that you post should include keywords that you have identified. These are words that you wish to rank for on the SERP. Keywords or phrases are those that are typed into Google by a user in order to locate a website, answer to a query, or products and services. 


Something that can get left behind in SEO is metadata. This includes your meta descriptions and titles. A meta description is the small piece of text that a user will see below your website on the SERP. It should be a maximum of 150 words, so you need to make every one count. Include your keyword within your meta description and also within your meta title. 

Public Relations (PR)

This area of marketing can include all sorts of things including influencer marketing, press relations and TV appearances. Not everything works for everyone and that’s why it is important to narrow down which area of PR you wish to utilise. Having established journalist contacts is incredibly helpful within PR and so it can prove useful to have a PR agency, such as Construction PR, assist with your PR dealings. 

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