Marketing for Home Builders: Top Tips

Marketing for home builders can be a challenge, especially when you are trying to sell something that doesn’t yet exist. However, with the right marketing team behind you, you can ensure a healthy return on your investment and the guarantee of happy new homeowners. 

Construction PR are a digital marketing company based in Essex. With over 13 years of experience working with a multitude of companies in the construction industry, we have a few tricks up our sleeves when it comes to marketing for homebuilders. In this blog, we are going to impart some of our top tips for a lucrative and successful strategy! 

Staying on top of SEO

Arguably, one of the most important areas of marketing for home builders is SEO (search engine optimisation).

When people are looking for a new property, these days, the first place they will look is Google. As a home construction company, it’s important that you are ensuring you rank highly when users search for phrases such as ‘new builds near me’. 

As humans, we have been conditioned to be impatient. This means that individuals are unlikely to scroll past the first page of results. In fact, the most commonly visited websites are the top three listed under a search on Google. In order to avoid being buried on the SERP (search engine result page), content should be optimised in line with SEO standards. This includes using keywords throughout your content, as well as within the metadata of images and pages on your website, among other techniques.

Sharing valuable content 

It is important to know that whilst content is the key to successful marketing and SEO, this content has to be worthwhile for it to make a difference. You could be putting out hundreds of blogs a month but if they’re not useful and don’t address consumer pain points, they’re unlikely to produce a ROI. 

Content exists to organically drive traffic to your site from the SERP. The best kind of content is informational and educational writing that avoids directly selling to a consumer. For example, as a home builder, you may want to write blogs that deal with questions new homeowners may have or FAQ’s about moving into new properties. Within these, be sure to include keywords, as mentioned above, and answer the question within the first section of your blog. If users can’t find an answer to their query quickly, they are likely to leave your website shortly after landing on it. This causes a high bounce rate and tells the algorithm that your content isn’t relevant. This can negatively impact your SEO and your websites visibility online. 

Keeping your customers updated 

When people look to buy a house, it can often be daunting. Afterall, it is one of the biggest financial decisions any of us will ever have to make. Because new builds attract a lot of first-time buyers, they may be stressed and cautious about the homebuying process. It is up to you, as the home builder, to ensure they are kept up to date with every step of the process as a way of reassurance. There are many ways you can go about this, with newsletters being one of the most effective.

Another way you can keep people informed is through social media. These platforms are great tools and can be accessed by anyone. Naturally, some applications may appeal more to certain individuals, so it’s important you carry out the relevant customer research first.

Construction is a visual industry and without pictures, home builders wouldn’t be able to sell their properties. Share your building progress on Instagram, plus other updates so your buyers can keep updated. This will also help to boost your brand visibility and draw more potential customers in. 

Highlight benefits (generate positive PR) 

Now, this may sound like the most obvious point on our list, but one of the keys to successful marketing for home builders is ensuring you make buyers aware of the benefits. There can be a lot of negative press around new builds; from TikTok accounts highlighting faults to news articles that slam companies, it can be hard to keep the positive image afloat. 

Through the help of a credible PR agency, however, you can build a more resilient image for your company. Some of the main areas you might want to highlight include…

  • The cost effectiveness of new builds
  • How easy this type of property is to maintain 
  • The lower running costs due to modernised home features
  • Customisation during the building phases 
  • Help-to-buy schemes that assist first-time buyers

Professional marketing for home builders 

If the above all sounds a bit overwhelming, it might be time you reach out to marketing specialists like ourselves! We can dedicate the time your marketing strategy deserves, ensuring that your investment is maximised at every step.

Throughout our 13 years within the marketing landscape, Construction PR have worked with a multitude of businesses within this sector. Day to day, we help to elevate brands, bringing them to the forefront of their industry. With our expert advice and guidance, we are able to create bespoke marketing strategies that can take your company form strength to strength. 

As an agency who complete all of our work in-house, our team are all under one roof. This means our specialists can collaborate with one another to produce a consistent brand message. 

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