What is Construction public relations and how to use it effectively

Construction public relations may sound like a brand-new concept to some companies, but it is a vital tool in business development. Over the years it has become increasingly more important for construction companies to have a strategy in place. When you use PR techniques effectively, they can have a positive impact on your brand reputation and your financial ROI. A developed and detailed strategy can take time and expert knowledge, which is why agencies like Construction PR exist. We can help tailor a PR strategy to you and your brand. 

What is construction public relations 

Public relations or PR is the process of establishing relationships with other people in the industry and your customer base. It is also about managing and maintaining your brands reputation. This in turn can increase your online authority, and your authority within the industry and your niche. Using PR within your business plan can ensure you can recover from crisis’, connect with journalists for press coverage, and use backlinks to boost your websites SEO. If used effectively, PR is a lucrative marketing strategy.

Managing your reputation 

As businesses, we all like to think that we will never face a threat to our brands reputation. Whilst this may be the case, it is important to prepare – especially with the online world. In this digital age, every company has an online presence. This also means everyone who has and will be a customer has the ability to review your services for others to see. 

People on social media are so easily influenced by reviews from others. It’s how they decide if they’re going to use a product or a service. Reviews also look better to a potential customer than self-promotion. It is vital you stay on top of your reviews, ensuring any negative ones are dealt with professionally and appropriately. If they are not responded to in the correct way, they could very easily become out of hand and damage your reputation further. Construction PR can take control of the management of these for you. We can work proficiently to resolve any conflict your brand is presented, embodying your voice and brand. 

The online world

Believe it or not, the construction industry amasses a lot of its business from the internet. The internet is the first-place people go to find services, especially within this industry. One of the top things on your list when it comes for construction public relations should be the improvement of your websites SEO value. SEO stands for search engine optimisation and refers to the things you can do on and off your website that will help you rise in the Google rankings. If you don’t work on your SEO, it’s likely you will slip below competitors on the SERP. If your website moves down to page 2 of the results, you will lose out on organic traffic. This is because people don’t want to spend ages scrolling through Google to find a construction company. Customers will choose those at the top as they trust them. 

You might be wondering how SEO and PR are related, it is through backlinks. Backlinks are gained by securing leads and articles in online publications. These are when one website gets linked on another, in this case, when your website is linked within an online article. This boosts your SEO value and also increases your authority within the industry, especially if the website linking you is a credible and reputable source. 

Featuring in the Press

Customers like to hear about your services through other mediums other than yourself. If you can get your name into trustworthy online publications, this is the perfect way to build your reputability within your industry. It doesn’t even have to be an online publication, print journalism is still beneficial to brands, as well as TV, radio, podcasts and more. Displaying which publications, you have been featured in on your website can help a potential customer identify you as a reputable company. You don’t even need to list them, you can add a page with the logos for people to see! 

Got a niche? Shout about it!

Do you operate in a niche area of the construction industry? This should be something you are getting out there. Perhaps you are an architectural company that specialises in school architecture, or your company operates using specialised machinery – this can all be used to your advantage within your PR strategy.

Why do you need Construction Public Relations 

As you can see, it is paramount to the continual development of your trade and business. Within a highly competitive industry, you need to be doing everything you can to branch out, make connections and bridge the gap between you and your customers. It can be time consuming, but the ROI is high. 

If you have the dedicated time to focus on your PR strategy, let us help! Construction PR are a digital marketing agency with over 12 years of experience within many areas of marketing. We can supply you with a strategy and put it into place for you. Our PR team have an established list of journalist contacts, communicate with journalists daily, and have exceptional written skills to ensure you make the most of construction public relations. With multiple awards to boost about, our PR services are the best in the UK (if we do say so ourselves), carrying the guarantee that if a lead is lost, we will replace it for you!

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